Landscape Design

Do you have an outdoor space that you don't know what do with? Maybe you're not sure what to plant, or what else you could do to make it more inviting. Not to worry, Parker Landscaping is dedicated to creating beautiful, custom designed landscapes. We work with each of our clients closely to ensure that every landscape design we create is not just functional and easy to maintain, but it's also a perfect reflection of their personal style.


The process for landscape design starts with sitting down with our clients and discussing what they're looking for from an outdoor space. We also discuss your long term and short term goals, so that we can create a space that works with you. It's also important to design a space that can easily grow with your home and your needs and ideas.


After the initial consultation, we go over what kind of maintenance schedule will be needed -- whether it's low maintenance, high maintenance, or maybe you'd like us to come in and take care of all of the up keep. We can custom design every detail to fit any home and any style! From here, we decide on the best plants and materials to compliment the design, and begin the installation process.


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